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Who We Are

Columbia Basin Research (CBR) is an interdisciplinary research center through the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington under the joint leadership of James Anderson, Research Professor, and John Skalski, Professor of Biological Statistics. Professors Anderson and Skalski provide quantitative approaches to issues involving endangered salmonid stocks in the Columbia River Basin. CBR has a dozen staff members, including statisticians, research consultants, programmers, database manager, program administrators, and graduate students.

Professor Anderson

Our focus is mathematical ecology with emphasis in three overlapping areas: migration of organisms, decision processes, and mortality processes. Recent studies include: juvenile and adult migration behavior of Columbia River salmon, cognition in predator/prey interactions, and effects of intrinsic and environmental factors on survival patterns in fish and human populations. We provide a publicly accessible and value-added second-tier database site, with a wide range of historical and real-time environmental and fish population data from the Columbia Basin. We provide web-based analysis tools to track and evaluate issues pertaining to the management and restoration of Columbia River fish populations.

Professor Skalski

We focus on mark-recapture tagging studies, primarily on salmonid stocks in the Columbia Basin, but including such studies as abundance of martens and fishers in Michigan or mourning doves in Missouri. Our goal is to ensure that tagging studies are conducted with the best available design and analysis by providing sample size guidance, statistical consultation, and analytical software. We also provide statistical analysis and interpretation of life-cycle information on the web for monitoring and evaluation for salmonid stocks in the Northwest region.

The Columbia Basin Research group occupies an office in downtown Seattle (see directions for exact location).

For staff publications, please see the Research & Publications web page. For contact information, please see the Staff Directory.

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