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Welcome to the website of the best UW IM Ultimate Frisbee Team!

Mandi and Aditya going all out

"The team to watch this season is definitely the Lagerheads." -Totally Sweet Ultimate 2010

The Lagerheads are the embodiment of their mascot, the beer-loving, terrestrial and aquatic turtle mascot. The Lagerheads is a multidisciplinary team, with members from CFR, SAFS, QERM, Statistics, as well as other departments.


There's now a page with nothing but Lagerheads photos.


Go Gregor!

The Lagerheads play every Thursday at 5:15pm at | IMA Field #1 (by U Village).

Date Time "Home" (light shirt) "Away" (dark shirt) Result
4/8 5:15 Lagerheads Shamgar Win! (on per-capita basis)
4/15 5:15 Lagerheads Disc Up A-Town Down Win! (in our minds for a couple of minutes)
4/22 5:15 Lagerheads Big Spoon Win? (surely we can justify calling it a win somehow)
4/29 5:15 HUI Lagerheads Win!!! (for real!)
5/6 5:15 off week

Playoffs begin Monday, May 10. Schedules will be available on Friday, May 7

News Archives

April 29, 2010

In our best performance to date, the Lagerheads won indisputably: HUI didn't score a single point on us. In fact, most likely due to the panic induced in our previous opponents by our team headbands (thanks, Ian!), the words from the wiki front-page, "Other teams become so demoralized that they stop showing up," proved to be prophetic. Our honorable-yet-cowardly opponents, HUI, couldn't muster even a single player to stand against us. Resourceful as always, and especially well aware of how to manage those resources, the Lagerheads divided both themselves and the field in half and played a stunning game, resulting in another resounding win for half the team. (That half was variable, so on average every single Lagerhead won about 1.25 games.) Still not satisfied, individual Lagerheads continued to play for hours after being kicked off the field, and when our thirst for frisbee was finally quenched a delicious meal was had by all. Here are some Lagerheads photos.

April 22, 2010


In honor of Earth Day, the Lagerheads attempted to honor Gaia by letting the disk fall to the ground on a regular basis. In spite of this show of devotion, they still scored multiple times and showed repeated instances of talent, drive, smarts, and dumb luck. The opposing team, at risk of offending the Earth Goddess, chose to catch many the hucks they constantly threw down field, and took ample advantage of being younger, fitter, and generally more skilled than the Lagerheads. In spite of their constant scoring, the Lagerheads' opponents seemed to also have more fun with such dastardly ploys as the Braveheart defense. The Lagerheads resolved to find ways to have more fun than their opponents in the future.

"I think the problem is that none of us* want to run." -"El Jeffe" Mandi

  • Except Jeff "Underwear Defense", who rocked the MVP hardcore.

April 15, 2010


What a beautiful day! To be clear, I am referring to the weather, as well as the second half of the grueling match up with A-Town. The Lagerheads had an overwhelming amount of teammembers and ended up loaning a few to the other team. Apparently, the loaned players did not get the secret message, because they cleaned up. The first half showed no mercy to the Lagerheads, but eager for vengeance and fueled by yummy sports gels, the Lagerheads scored a point. The situation: frenzied by anticipation, "Fighter Fish" Ian, near the end zone, saw an opportunity and tossed the disc to none other than El Jeffe Mandi herself. However, that is not the end of the story. The wind picked up just then (she is a cruel mistress), and alas! the disc is blown out of Mandi's reach. But what is this? Out of nowhere, Gregor "The Branch" Passolt flies in and catches the disc, in the endzone, scoring a point for the Lagerheads as well as winning over everyone's hearts. The game may have been lost, but like the Spartans of the Ancient World, we won in our minds for a couple of minutes.

After the game, the team met up with their fan club at the College Inn and celebrated their point as well as the birthday of "Mad Dog" Aditya. Happy Birthday, Aditya!

" could potentially frost a cake with these!" -Ian (while trying out a sports gel)

April 8, 2010

The first Lagerhead game was on a cool, muddy Thursday afternoon. The Lagerheads were eager to strut their stuff, and go toe to toe with their competition, Shamgar. It was an Alamo situation if there ever was one. With a meager 8 players against Shamgar's horde of 20 (or was it 2000?), the Lagerheads battled it out to the last second. Highlights from the game include Tom's gravity-defying leaping catches, Gregor and Collin's dynamic duo plays and Megan's dramatic steals. After the game, in true Lagerhead style, the team went to the College Inn to review strategy. Ending score, 14-6

"...considering that we had less than half the number of players they did that we made almost half the points they did, in my mind, is a HUGE win. Go Lagerheads." -Aditya

Rachel's diving catch

Team Roster

Mandi doing her thing
  • Mandi (captain) "El Jeffe"
  • Gregor "The Branch"
  • Aditya "Mad Dog"
  • Ian "Fighter Fish"
  • Megan "Merciless Meg"
  • Colin "Calling you in"
  • Peter "Petrifier"
  • Tom "The Springbox"
  • Rachel "Blitzkrieg"
  • Patrick "Lazy Eye Pat"
  • Sylvia "The Hustle"
  • Rachel "Kung Fu Mama"
  • Jeff "Underwear Defense" Richardson
  • Chad "Stack Attack"
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