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This is the page for people who want to improve, rewrite, recompile, or otherwise edit the notes from QERM 514. The compiled version, which is the final product, is available Pdf10.png here.


All the content is released creative commons 3.0 share-alike attribution license. There are several images which were from other sources. To the best of my knowledge, all images which is not covered under this license is so labeled in the text or in the public domain. For the purposes of fulfilling the attribution requirement of the license, a link to this page is sufficient or another page which clearly labels contributors and provides links to the source code.


Compiling the notes will require a LaTeX distribution and the following packages: nesse, geometry, amsthm, fancyheadings, titlesec. Fancyheadings has been deprecated since these notes were written, and nesse is not available on CTAN. Some adding of packages or modifying the code may have to be done to compile the version.


As with any large project, there is a large number of files associated. There is the main file, a file for each chapter, and images. The images are currently referenced in a folder called images, and then within a folder corresponding to the chapter. For instance, an image for the first anova chapter will be in images>anova1>filename. There are many files which will have to be downloaded. The file structure is preserved File:ClassnotesFiles.tar.gz.

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