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Here are some references to things covered in Chloe's wonderful QERM Seminar talk What Scientists Can Learn from Software Engineers:


Code for Maintainability

A nice style guide for R syntax written by R users who work at Google.

Unit Testing


Source Control

Download Mercurial (and optionally the version including TortoiseHg)

Getting started:

  • Official Mercurial Guide - sections on Log keeping and Lone developer with nonlinear history are probably the most applicable. Look at Sharing changes if you want to be able to access your code on multiple machines.
  • Mercurial tutorial - Great explanation of source control and how to use Mercurial, especially the Ground up Mercurial section
  • TortoiseHg tutorial




If you are writing using R to develop packages or software, be sure to check out Software for Data Analysis by John Chambers, creator of the S programming language.

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