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Besch Unilaterally Reschedules Soup
"Executive Decision" To Upend Multi-month Tradition of Midweek Potage
- Loew Hall, September 24

Exercising a little-used mandate to implement "executive decisions" at times of crisis, QERM Administrator Joanne Besch declared at 9:54 this morning that today's Soup would be canceled and shifted to Thursdays at 11:45. Citing "scheduling conflicts", Mrs. Besch suggested that this stunning upheaval of a longstanding tradition of Wednesday soup is liable to continue throughout the autumn quarter. A glimmer of hope to the traditionalist faction was given by an official statement issued from the central office stating: "We may switch back to Wednesdays winter quarter if that works better for everyone."

Will Tommy step up to the plate and redesign this main page?

Comments by Tommy G. in the discussion for this page showed his dissatisfaction with the infrequently updated "In the news" section. But does he have the moxie to follow up on his complaints? Only time will tell.

QERMies reject intramural ultimate

Aditya's valiant efforts to form a team for the summer league came to naught due to a lack of enthusiasm from a bunch of lazy, good-for nothing QERM students.

Imps end mighty Infrared Sox dynasty with dominating performance

May 15, 2008

In a total team effort (well nearly total...Liz) that saw almost flawless defense and a relentless barrage of hits, the Dalai Impalas took down the defending champs who had won their previous 19 games.

See full story in news archive of Imps page.

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