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Hi. I'm Eileen, and I want to be a factuary.

Taiga.jpg + SOASeal.jpg = factuary?

Salmon.jpg + SOASeal.jpg = factuary?


Actuary Support

It might seem that I like to take tests, but it is not true. This is some support offered by my actuary friends:

Ilan Birnbaum

many sleepless nights

type I error up the butt

grad school should be fun!

Linda Wu

do me a favor

do not put things up your butt

including hamsters

Mark Dean thought R class was where you learn to say "RRRRRR" like a pirate. And that we would therefore use this keyboard:


Sister Support

Sometimes big sisters know important things. For example:

  • A type II error is when you don't reject the ho when you should.
  • A type I error is when you reject the ho, but she was legit. (this is worse. apparently you are not good at finding hos to try out.)
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