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Papers and manuscript drafts by Eli Gurarie

  • 1) Pdf10.png Gurarie2008_MovementAnalysisDraft.pdf: This is a completed first draft of a paper exploring a robust, comprehensive method to analyze gappy animal movement data with an explicit accounting for autocorrelation structure and identification of behavioral shifts.
  • 2) Pdf10.png Gurarie2008_EncountersVeryRoughDraft.pdf: This is a very rough draft of a paper exploring the mathematics of encounter rates between randomly moving searchers and targets. There is one fundamental piece of math missing as well as any discussion or application. It builds on a predator-prey encounter rate model developed in:
  • 3) Pdf10.png Gurarie2008_Heterogeneity: Manuscript submitted to Ecology as report on models of migration and dispersal that account for population-level heterogeneity.

Recent Presentations

Eli 22:24, 5 April 2008 (PDT)

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