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Bathymetry around sea lion rookeries in Russia

I downloaded 30 arc-second grid bathymetry data from: in roughly a 50x50 nautical mile grid around each of the five Russian Steller sea lion rookeries. The red asterisk represents the location of each rookery. The which bathymetry lines are at 0, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 m.

The results are here: Pdf10.png RussianRookeryBathymetry.pdf

I think this is sufficient resolution for the purposes of qualitatively describing the accessible depths.

The desired eventual output is percentage of 100 and 200 m depths at 10 and 20 nautical mile radii around each rookery.

If there is interest from casual visitors, I can include the necessary code for reading this kind of data (maybe on the Bathymetry Data page). The data, which is I think among the highest quality available publicly on a global scale, is in NetCDF (Network Common Data Form) format, which is some sort of standard for geographical or otherwise array oriented data developed by UCAR. In R, it requires the use of the RNetCDF package.

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