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Typically ADMB is run from the command prompt, which is less than favorable. In TextPad, it is possible to set up a shortcut for compiling ADMB programs. It is kind of klunky to get it working but definitely worth it.

1. Go to Configure-Preferences and select Tools on the left hand side.

2. Click on Add->Program, then search on the hard drive for c:\admb\lib\admb.bat (or makeadm.bat). Click OK.

3. Now the strange part. Go to the left pane and click on Tools again and select "c:\admb\lib\admb"

4. On the right hand side where it says "Regular expression to match output", paste this weird expression: ^\([^(]+\)(\([0-9]+\)):

5. Click Apply.

6. Go to the left pane yet again and click on Tools and select "Admb"

7. Now on the right hand side, under Parameters, change "$File" to"$BaseName" This ensures that admb will try to compile as e.g. "admb lect12" and not "admb lect12.tpl" Click OK.

Now when you go to the Tools menu, there is an option for ADMB with Ctrl+4 or similar. To compile your tpl file in the directory that the tpl file is in, just click on the tpl file and type ctrl-4 (or similar). No more opening up a DOS prompt, navigating to your directory and typing in "ADMB lect12".

To run the compiled .exe file, just go Tools->Run (alt-T-R) and type in lect13 under Command

In summary, ctrl-4, alt-T-R will compile and run your code with Textpad.

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