Big Time Boycott

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With budget cuts and tuition hikes, strikes and boycotts have been popular topics on campus for most of the 2009-2010 school year. On May 12, 2010, a selection of QERM students resolved, in the spirit of standing up against injustice, to boycott Big Time Brewery, previously a popular destination following the spring seminar.

Reasons for the boycott include (feel free to add your own!):

  1. Nachos of extremely low quality
    • More cheese on paper than on chips
    • Excessive sour cream, lack of other toppings
    • Whole kidney beans mixed in with refried beans
    • Possibly assembled by a poorly trained monkey
  2. Rickety tables
    • Difficult to move
    • Tilty
  3. Refusal to serve alcohol to a 34-year old QERM student
    • Just days after her birthday
    • (and the expiry of her driver's license)
      • She could easily be mistaken as being under 30, but clearly not under 21.
  4. Bottle Hazard
    • Big Time also has a HUGE collection of beer-bottles, none of which they actually sell, of course.
    • And they have replaced the shuffleboard underneath with more rickety tables and chairs.
    • Are they waiting for them to fall?
  5. Not Enough Variety
    • the sheer arrogance of only selling their own brews, robbing us customers of a good old Manny's, or Heineken, or PBR or Rainier. or MGD.
  6. Untimely Happy Hour
    • Last I checked their Happy Hour was from 11:30 to 12:30. I appreciate that happy hours should begin early. But end so early too?
  7. Not enough money in the budget for pizza
    • Fresh cinnamon raisin bread far superior anyway
  8. Many other more welcoming establishments nearby
    • College Inn
    • Shultzy's
    • Kai's
    • Ivar's

We stand together. And when we sit down to drink beer, we do that together too.

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