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FISH 558: Decision Analysis in Natural Resource Management

This course looks at decision analysis primarily from a fisheries perspective. Introduction to Bayesian modeling and computational techniques for fitting Bayesian models. Also a decent introduction to stock assessment models (especially after AMATH 535). Includes a 5-day "retreat" at Friday Harbor before the start of the semester. Recommended for those in fisheries, especially in stock assessment. Also includes some good information on how management works, and how our quantitative work interfaces with management.

FISH 507: Numerical Computing for Fisheries Assessment

NOTE: This is now FISH 559, taught Fall quarter in even years.

COMMENTS: It's hard to imagine good things about a demanding class with a title like that, but for me, this was a great class. I often still refer to my notes from it, and learning ADMB was vital for my own research. Andre is a great instructor- he is dynamic and explains/defines terms before using them.

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