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The Graduate and Professional Student Senate provides funding "to fund items and events that promote community building and unity... to provide funds for events or items that will benefit the students of a particular department. It is important to note that the useful life of the funded item(s) should be more than one year. In the past Departmental Allocations have typically been used to fund items such as: microwave ovens, magazine/periodical subscriptions, refrigerators, digital cameras, and departmental events." See the complete list of rules and regulations here.

As we have between 1 and 150 students, we are eligible for up to $350. (You get an extra $50 for 50 more students past that... hurray for being a small program!) That said, given our size, they might hold us back a little bit. The treasurer has a bit of discretion.


Item Price
Big soup pot $70
Chef's knife $30
QERM mugs $30 shipping plus from $4 to $6 per mug
Cranium $20
Hot Plate $50

For the mugs, I'm thinking equation logo rather than squirrel, to keep it classy. However, we do seem to have the soup bowl problem under control (thanks Kristin and Chloe!). Thoughts? Do we really need a bigger soup pot?Other ideas? Gregor

Sources: Chef's knife, stock pot, cranium, mugs, hot plate

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