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Editing mostly occurs in a large text box. Inside the text box, you can use special characters, called markup, to help with formatting. Here is a small list of markup characters that usually start at the beginning of a line:

  • Headings
    • == Section Heading ==
    • === Smaller Section Heading ===
    • ==== Even Smaller Subheading ====
  • Bulleted lists
    • * top-level item
    • ** second-level item (indented once)
    • *** third-level item (indented twice)
  • Numbered lists
    • # Item 1
    • ## Subitem 1 of Item 1
    • ## Subitem 2 of Item 1
    • ### Subitem 1 of Subitem 2 of Item 1
  • Indentions
    • : indents the line once
    • :: indents the line twice

Here are other useful markup:

  • Bold - '''This is bold.'''
  • Italics - ''This is italicized.''
  • Links to other wiki pages - This links to the [[Main Page]]
  • External links - This will link to [ link title]
  • Tables
This is a 3 column/2 row table including header:
{| border="1"
! col_head_1 !! col_head_2 !! col_head_3
| data_1 || data_2 || data_3

For more information on wiki markup, check out this helpful page.

While you are editing, you can click the Show preview button to see what the page will look like. Beware that your changes are not saved until you click the Save page button. Before saving a page, please put in a comment in the Summary field explaining what you changed.

For large blocks of unformatted text (e.g. code) use the <pre> and </pre> tags like this:

#lalala this is my code

for(i in bla)
 do this


LaTeX can be inserted like this:

  • <math> \sqrt{1-e^2} </math>

which will render as  \sqrt{1-e^2}

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