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QERMies have explored a variety of tools for making presentations. This page is intended as a place to record some of their findings and advice. Here are some software options that have been used in QERM presentations:



Chloe is the master of this slick tool. Indeed, her Master's Defense on June 2, 2010 was the inspiration for creating this wiki page. More info at You can see her presentation here. Offline presentations are officially supported for Mac and Windows only, but can be tweaked to run on Linux. Students can get the middle-level version for free.


Good for those who use LaTeX already. Some tips are in this wiki at LaTeX/Beamer.


Apple's product that seems to be well liked. Wikipedia description


Widely used with plenty of advice elsewhere on the web. Wikipedia description


A somewhat inferior PowerPoint-like tool that has a few advantages, like being free, cross-platform, and supporting more formats. Wikipedia description

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