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'''Presentation sign up''' can be done on [[QERM 514/Presentations]].   
'''Presentation sign up''' can be done on [[QERM 514/Presentations]].   
'''Additional notation''' (Appendix A): [[QERM 514/Notation]]
==Outline and schedule==
==Outline and schedule==

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See the original site for information about the class (I am slowing migrating the material here, although it has not been a high priority).

Class meets Tuesday and Thursday, 3-4.20 in Bagley 106. There is an option lab session run by Derek at a time and place to be determined.

Presentation sign up can be done on QERM 514/Presentations. Additional notation (Appendix A): QERM 514/Notation

Outline and schedule

This is a tentative schedule which will probably have to be updated as the quarter progresses.

Topic Date
1 Introduction April 1
2 Classical tests April 3
3 Ordinary linear regression April 8
4 Linear inference April 10
5 One way anova April 15
6 Two way anova April 17
7 Ancova April 22
8 Model adequacy and transformations April 24
9 Unusual observations April 29
10 Linear model practice May 1
11 Maximum likelihood May 6
12 Nonlinear least squares May 8
13 Generalized linear models 1 May 13
14 Generalized linear models 2 May 15
15 Generalized linear models practice May 20
16 Linear mixed effects May 22
17 Model selection May 27
18 Extensions, other tools May 29
19  ? June 3
20  ? June 5

These numbers correspond to the lecture number in the notes.

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