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Proceedings of the 2nd Annual QERM Miniconference on Computational Methods in Quantitative Ecology

The miniconference took place on March 12, 2008 on the campus of University of Washington in Seattle and was hosted by the QERM Association for Compuational Methods in Quantitatve Ecology. A wide range of topics was covered, the caliber of the presentations was extremely high, many novel R tricks and analyses were presented. In short, it was a resounding success.

1) Analysis of Intrinsic Factors Controlling Salmon Return Timing for Jacks and Adults

Motoki Wu

  • <a href="/f/talk.pdf">talk.pdf</a>
  • I'll soon add some code on local regression and lattice plots. - Motoki

2) Estimating Hyperdispersion in Mark-Recapture Models with Applications to Juvenile Salmon Migration

Russell Perry

  • <a href="/f/R.%20Perry%20QERM%20598%20final%20project.ppt">Final Presentation (ppt)</a>

3) Survival estimates for Steller sea lions in the Russian Far East using RMark

Tommy Garrison

4) Exploratory analysis of correlation between rainfall patterns in the Marshall Islands

Chloe Bracis

  • <a href="/f/MarshallPresent.pdf">Monthly Precipitation in the Marshall and Gilbert Islands</a>
  • <a href="/f/R_Tips.R">R code</a> giving a quick intro on classes in R

5) Multifactor Analysis of Crab Larvae Concentrations in a Chilean Fjord

Liz Atwood

  • <a href="/f/Final_pres.pdf">Results on some crab larvae in some fjord</a>
  • <a href="/f/FinalProj.R">R code</a> basically stepAIC and lm(x~.^4)
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