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The Winter QERM seminar (QERM 597, previously in Spring) is a required course where students present their research in front of their peers. This is an excellent opportunity to practice and get feedback from fellow students (and some faculty), as well as giving the first year students a chance to see what kinds of projects QERM students work on. For prospective students this may provide the most informative idea of what it would actually be like to be a QERM graduate student, so we'll try to get all of the talks put up here consistently.

Old Quarters

  1. QERM Student Seminar/2008
  2. QERM Student Seminar/2009
  3. QERM Student Seminar/2010
  4. QERM Student Seminar/2011
  5. QERM Student Seminar/2012

2013 QERM Winter Seminar

Wednesdays, 3:30 – 4:50 p.m. Mary Gates Hall Room 238

January 9

"The genetic effects of fisheries management: a management strategy evaluation for Pacific cod off Alaska."

Ingrid Spies

Advisor: Prof. Andre Punt (SAFS)

January 16

"Splitting historical blue whale catches using spatial GAMs" Pdf10.png PDF

Cole Monnahan

Advisor: Prof. Trevor Branch (SAFS)

January 23

"Evaluation of various methods to estimate understory light availability in a low-light environment." Pdf10.png PDF

Mandi Fix

Advisor: Prof. David Ford (SEFS)

January 16


Chloe Bracis


Kristin Broms

February 6

"Modeling Chinook Growth and Mortality: the implications of size-selective culling"

Jeff Rutter

Advisor: Prof. Jim Anderson

February 13


Ian Fraser


Aneesh Hariharan

February 20

"Using aggregate biomass data to understand predation effects on surplus production Pdf10.png PDF"

Kiva Oken

February 27


Adam Pope


Scott Rinnan

March 6


Kelsey Vitense


Christine Stawitz

March 13


Melissa Muradian

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