QERM Student Seminar/2008

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2008 QERM Spring Seminar

Wednesdays, 3:30 – 4:50 p.m. Mary Gates Hall Room 238

(Please note that this is a new location!)

April 2

"Spatial Optimization in Natural Resource Management"

Sandor Toth, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, College of Forest Resources

April 9

"The Management Strategy Evaluation Approach and the Gulf of Alaska walleye pollock fishery"

Teresa A'mar

April 16

"Does the variogram tell us anything about forest structure?"

Bert Loosmore

"The Vitality Model and the Mortality Plateaus"

Ting Li

April 23

"Using d15N to study grassland trophic interactions under different grazing treatments"

Susan Lubetkin

April 30

"Modeling Age-Structured Pelagic Larvae Dispersal on the West Coast"

Kevin See

"Identifying behavioral switches in gappy animal movement data" (File: Pdf10.png QERMSeminar2008 Gurarie.pdf)

Eli Gurarie

May 7

"Modeling the effects of management scale for Pacific Coast Groundfish"

Dawn Dougherty

"How to make informative figures, purty pictures, and waste time with free and open source software"

(Files: Pdf10.png IanQERMseminarMay6.pdf, LaTeX_logo_20px_high.png IanQERMseminarMay6.tex)

Ian Taylor

May 14

"Characteristic Scale Using Wavelets"

Mike Keim

May 21

"Using social network analysis to study the impact of circular migrations on HIV dispersal"

Aditya Khanna

"Steller sea lion declines: Correlations with fishing and climate"3

Hans Nesse

May 28

"Counting Fish; The Importance of Ish"

Amber Parsons

May 30

"Crow foraging behavior: An individual-based model approach"

Derek McClure

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