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An order of these beautiful QERM t-shirts was made in April 2008 and fulfilled in May. Those who did not take part in the order and still want a t-shirt have a few options (none of which are as good or cheap as being part of the original order). And if you're James Murphy, then you better make sure you don't get crossed up in the world of flying squirrels and salmon, because who knows what might happen to you for spreading heretical ideas.

The PNG files that were used to create the designs below are available through this wiki:

  • Squirrel_salmon_black.png Squirrel salmon black.png,
  • Squirrel_salmon_white.png Squirrel salmon white.png,
  • Squirrel_salmon_black.jpg Squirrel salmon black.jpg,
  • Equation_black.png (says "Invalid thumbnail parameters", huh?),
  • Equation_white.png (says "Invalid thumbnail parameters", huh?),
  • Equation_black_small.png Equation black small.png,
  • QERM_rock-n-roll_black.png QERM rock-n-roll black.png,
  • QERM_rock-n-roll_white.png QERM rock-n-roll white.png

You can upload these to CafePress.com or other online printers to make your own t-shirts or other stuff. For example, here's a mug ($10.99) available here. Note, the JPG included above was used in this case because the PNG file didn't show up on CafePress (but only the one image, not the others).

QERM mug.jpeg

Green Shirt

The order tally for the green shirt with the equation on the back and the awesome squirrel-salmon logo on the front was at 37. This puts the cost per shirt at the low low price of $10.77.


Black Shirt

The black, organic cotton shirt will have a more exclusive ownership, with 20 orders. It was described by one responder as reminiscent of the "skanky bands from the late 70s/early 80s." I believe this indicates that the design was a success based on the goals set by the designers. What strange circumstances led their math addled minds to cook up these goals is a separate question. The smaller number of orders and the more expensive fabric put the cost at $14.43 per shirt.


-Ian 15:20, 22 March 2008 (PDT)

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