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There are tons of text editors available and many of them have modes for highlighting R syntax. This page is a place to list editors that contributors to this wiki have used and perhaps make notes about how to get them to work for R.

Wikipedia has a good deal of information on costs, platforms, features here.



New as of 2011, RStudio is an IDE available for Windows/Mac/Linux that integrates editor, console, file tree, graphics windows, has highlighting, helps you keep track of your functions and variables, and I (Gregor) think is pretty great. It's free and open source. They say it works well with Sweave also, though I have no experience with that.

Currently it's in Beta, their development blog suggests that a good debugger and many more features are in the works.

One interesting and useful feature is the ability to quickly setup a GUI via the manipulate package. See R/Interactive Plots.

Crimson Editor

Look for a folder in a location like C:\Program Files\CrimsonEditor\link\ which contains a whole bunch of files with names like "extension.XXX" Open the file "extension.r". It should contain two lines. Change from REBOL to R so that it reads


Now restart the program. If you want to associate other filetypes (like .QERM) with R syntax highlighting, you can make a new copy of the extension.r file with a name like extension.QERM.

Has column edit mode!


Talk to James Murphy about this one.

Highlights and runs R code.


Talk to User:Ian or User:MotokiWu about this one.


General purpose editor available by default on Mac/Unix/Linux systems. Windows version gvim has a graphical user interface. Quite powerful. If you really want to, talk to Aditya about this one.


Has column edit mode!


Easy to use and has nice color and highlighting customizimability. Available here. (Windows only.)

Has column edit mode!

If you install NppToR, it will run the code too.


Runs on Mac OS X

The R platform for Macs does highlighting already, but this works well for editing other documents.

See also

R tips

AD Model Builder/Syntax Highlighting

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