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* [[R/Optimizers | Optimizers]]
* [[R/Optimizers | Optimizers]]
* [[R/Correlated Random Walk | Making a Correlated Random Walk]]
* [[R/Correlated Random Walk | Making a Correlated Random Walk]]
*[http://cran.r-project.org/web/views/Optimization.html CRAN list of optimization functions ]. Very, very extensive.

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This will be a repository of tips for using R. To add a tip, just create a link below, for example: Separating the Red Sea and save the page. The link will be red. Just click on the red link and you will automatically be editing the page. Nothing like a blank canvas to share your hard-gleaned wisdom!


QERM wiki pages about R



Spatial Analysis

Numerical analysis



Compatibility with LaTeX


Useful External Links

Guides and Manuals

Q&A and Examples Sites

  • Stack Overflow has an increasing R presence. You can ask questions and usually get prompt and high-quality responses, though do be sure to search for similar questions and read their posting FAQ first.
  • R Graph Gallery - with lots and lots of sample plots and code.
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