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Back to [[Beyond the First Year]]

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STAT 570: Intro to Linear Models

COMMENTS: It has been awhile so I don't remember much from this course. At the same time though, when the quarter was over I remember asking myself what I had learned. I was never sure how important different concepts were and what exactly we were supposed to be learning. I also remember being highly confused on homeworks.
Ken seems like a great person, and this year was his first year teaching the class. I had great hopes that he would improve, but talking to other Stat students from this year, it sounds like most students are still unsure of what they learned.
RECOMMENDED? No, but the class is a pre-req for STAT 571.


STAT 571: Correlated Data

COMMENTS: This class was ok... more theoretical than desired but some useful information snuck its way in. The homeworks were good reinforcements of what was being learned in class, but they definitely took a lot of time to do!
RECOMMENDED? maybe. or maybe BIOSTAT 540 (the master's version of the class) would have been better.


COMMENTS: I got a lot more out of this class than STAT 570. I thought professor Heagerty balanced the theory and applications pretty well; I learned how to analyze a variety of different types of longitudinal data. Heagerty is also super friendly, and very willing to provide extra help or explanations. Although he's a biostatistian, he's intrigued by QERM and has served on at least one QERMie's committee.
RECOMMENDED? If you have longitudinal or repeated measures data, this could be a very useful class.

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