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Master Thomas Ji Defends

"Opportunities and Challenges for Marine Protected Areas in Fisheries Management" Monday, June 21, 2010. 10:00 A.M. FSH 203


The QERM/Forestry joint Ultimate team, The Lagerheads, will be playing every Thursday at 5:15 until all the other teams become so demoralized that they stop showing up. There are also rumors of softball. And if you need something to do before Wednesday seminar, the Bocce Ball set (in Dr. Baker's lab next to the soup room) is available, and if it's raining squash at the IMA is always a good choice.


QERM soup is on hold for the summer. Look back here in the fall to see if it will remain on Wednesdays. For recipes of past soups, see the Soup page of this wiki. See also the new Desserts page and the Soup schedule archive page.

FAQ for QERM Applicants

If you're interested in applying to QERM, please see the QERM Applicant FAQ. Anyone interested in QERM is welcome to register and add questions, and hopefully you'll get a response.

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