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Rock climbing seems to be the new activity of choice for QERMies taking a break from their studies. Meet up around 4 or 4:30 on Tuesdays at the IMA rock gym for bouldering, climbing, and raucous discussions of the asymptotic behavior of certain estimators. Rumors are also getting around about an early morning climbing session, 8-9am on Thursdays. If you're really hard-core, that is.

QERM Winter Wednesdays

QERM soup is being held on Wednesdays this winter quarter. The official time is still 11:45. Stick around campus afterward for the thrilling QERM Winter Seminar, in MGH 287 from 3:30 to 5. The QERM party concludes with happy hour at the College Inn, but stay tuned for a possible location change as the days get longer.

FAQ for QERM Applicants

If you're interested in applying to QERM, please see the QERM Applicant FAQ. Anyone interested in QERM is welcome to add questions, and hopefully you'll get a response. To obtain an account, contact the Graduate Program Assistant with the email address and user name you'd like to use.

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