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QERM Mini-Reunion - June 29, 2016

Many once and future QERMies were in Seattle for the International Statistical Ecology Conference so we had a mini-reunion at the College Inn. A few photos (including the one below) are posted to the page QERM_ISEC_reunion_2016.

QERM reunion 6-29-16 photo1.jpg

QERM Retreat - September 6th - 7th 2014

The first annual QERM Retreat happened on September 6th-7th at the Olympic Natural Resource Center, and it was awesome and generously funded by the GPSS! Here we are learning what nature looks like.

Team QERM downscaled.jpg

Loveday's Retirement Party

Thanks to current student and alumni for making a great showing at Loveday Conquest's QERM retirement party! We even managed to capture an astounding number of current and past QERMies in a single photo!

Natural History Trivia Night

The next natural history trivia night will happen on August 6th, 2015 at the College Inn Pub. Come one, come all! Who doesn't want to hang out in a sweaty basement on a beautiful summer evening?!


Soup is set for Wednesdays at noon in fall quarter 2015!


Weather is getting better! Soon, this will create a host of recreating opportunities! Softball? Kayaking? Day Hikes? WHO KNOWS!

FAQ for QERM Applicants

If you're interested in applying to QERM, please see the QERM Applicant FAQ. Anyone interested in QERM is welcome to add questions, and hopefully you'll get a response. To obtain an account, contact the Graduate Program Assistant with the email address and user name you'd like to use. Presentation of research by students can be found in the QERM Student Seminar page.

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