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Dalai Impalas Settle for a Tie on Opening Day

The Dalai Impalas long road to the Co-rec Softball Intramural Championships kicked off on a stormy and dreary Monday evening this week. The Impalas faced a formidable team, Swing 'n Stance who came ready to play. As 2nd base (wo)man Liz Atwood said, "It was intimidating that they all had black paint on their faces." However, the Impalas showed no sign of intimidation from the start of the game, scoring four runs in the first inning. These four runs in addition to dazzling athletic displays from Kevin See in center field and consistent pitching from Amanda Kaare helped the Impalas earn a tie score of 5-5 against the Stance by the 6th inning at which time the umpire called the game due to the hour and five minute time limit. According to left fielder Tommy Garrison, "we would have no doubt won the game if the umpire let us keep playing. Come on ump, let us play!" he said frustratingly after the game. Nonetheless, the Impalas start off the season just where they want to be, not with a losing record and a small step closer to the main event. The Impalas play each Monday evening at 6 pm on IMA softball field 3. Come check out the action!

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