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Dalai Impalas Blow Late Lead, but is Given Win Because of Captain's "Coolness"

Monday, April 28, 2008

After a three week hiatus the Dalai Impalas were back in action Monday evening against the heavy underdog Discipline and Punishme, who was severely disappointed on hearing the Impalas did not bring any S & M gear. The game was a defensive struggle after the Impalas jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first inning on RBI singles by Derek McClure and Isaac Parsons. They added a third run in the second inning...somehow. After D & P was given a third inning mercy run when left-center fielder Libby Anderson failed to heed the safety word the Lama's lead was cut to 3-1. The score remained 3-1 for three more innings behind dazzling defensive plays and marquee pitching by both teams. Right fielder Amy Yahnke, making her Impalas debut, was particularly impressed by the defense judging from her post-game comments "I like playing right field because I can watch the birds" and "At one point I was cleaning up dog poo." Impala's ace Amanda Kaare pounded the strike zone and let her defense do it's job which included two double plays. "That double play started by Isaac was kinda lame, but the one by Derek...perfect execution" said Amanda after the game. Unfortunately the Impalas luck ran out in the seventh (the last inning) when D & P tore off their leather and chokers and revealed uniforms complete with stirrups. They promptly scored 3 runs and shut the potent Impala offense down in the bottom of the inning for the 4-3 victory. "Yeah, in the seventh we like to use the flail" said one D & P player this reporter was ordered to call Sir. The Impalas were dejected until the umpire gave the game to the Impalas because of the team captain's overwhelming "coolness". This reporter thinks free stat tutoring for life offered to the umpire may have had an affect on the decision.

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