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Hot for Teacher (HFT) nips Dalai Impalas in Epic Battle

May 5, 2008

As the sun shattered through the clouds Monday evening, so were the Imps delivered from their 3 game slump of darkness and under performance, but HFT was equal for the task. HFT drew first flood in the top of the first with two runs off a double by Gaylord Windlestat, but the Imps picked up the gauntlet on singles by the Warlord, Derek the Disembowler, and Satan's mistress, Libby. The middle of the bout was characterized by the Imps' impenetrable defense, which attained its apex when 2nd base woman, Liz the Orcslayer caught a pop fly. "That ball went really high, I mean realllllly high. And I caught it", said the Orcslayer after the game. The battle raged on without mercy until HFT's offense came supercharged like a freight train from hell in the 4th inning. The situation quickly became F.U.B.A.R. when the Imps gave up 15 runs with the once impenetrable defense, that now resembled Rome being ransacked by the Visigoths. The final score was 18-3. The Imps will start training for the ultimate battle, the playoffs. Gord of the Rogue, Tommy looks forward to the challenge. "The playoffs is where we separate the winners from the losers, the weak from the strong, the almighty from the meek heart. We are the chosen team and we will arise from this darkness. And on this day, everyone from the minions to the shamans to the fallen warriors shall join in the chant. 'Imps, Imps, Imps,. . . '" Check back for playoff dates and times. (TBA)

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