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(Master's Theses)
(Master's Theses: adding my thesis (will upload shortly))
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= Master's Theses =  
= Master's Theses =  
== Hans Nesse==
''"Correlates of the decline of the Steller sea lion in the North Pacific"''
Complete December, 2009
{{pdf|NesseThesis.pdf|NesseThesis.pdf}} (2.4 M)
==Amber Parsons==
==Amber Parsons==

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Master's Theses

Hans Nesse

"Correlates of the decline of the Steller sea lion in the North Pacific"

Complete December, 2009

Pdf10.png NesseThesis.pdf (2.4 M)

Amber Parsons

"Estimating Pacific Northwest Salmon Escapement: A Methods Review Based on Statistical First Principles"

Completed March, 2009

Kristin Broms

"Small game population reconstruction: model development and applications"

Completed March, 2008

Pdf10.png Kristin_Broms_MS_Thesis.pdf (700 KB)

Kevin See

"Modeling Carcinus maenas settlement patterns on the west coast of North America"

Completed December, 2007

Pdf10.png Kevin_See_MS_Thesis_FinalCopy.pdf (844 KB)

PhD Dissertations

Eli Gurarie

"Models and analysis of animal movements: From individual tracks to mass dispersal"

Completed September, 2008

Pdf10.png GurarieDissertationFinalDraft.pdf‎ (7.1 MB)

Ian Taylor

"Modeling spiny dogfish population dynamics in the Northeast Pacific"

Completed June, 2008.

Pdf10.png Ian_Taylor_FinalDissertation.pdf (6.0 MB)

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