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== Java ==
=== Evaluating performance on a Mac ===
Eclipse Test & Performance Tools aren't supported on Mac OS X due to this [ bug].  However, Mac ships with a profiler (you need to install the development tools), Shark, that supports Java.  You can find it at /Developer/Applications/Performance Tools.  Here's how to get it working:
# Add -agentlib:Shark to your VM arguments (i.e. in the run configuration for Eclipse)
# Start Shark, and pick 'Java Time Profile' or another Java option in the first drop down
# Start your application
# Click Start in Shark
# Click Stop, or Shark should stop after 30 sec.
== Subversion ==
== Subversion ==

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Merging a branch

cd branch_dir
svn log -v --stop-on-copy
cd trunk_dir
svn merge -r min:max branchURL

where min and max are the fisrt and last revision numbers reported from the svn log command, and branchURL is the url (not working copy path) of the branch to merge from

Diff by revision

svn diff -r N:M file

where N and M are the revision numbers to compare

Useful links

Migration Literature Review

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