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I finished the QERM program in June, 2008 and am now employed by National Marine Fisheries Service. I work at the NMFS Northwest Fisheries Science Center doing stock assessments for groundfish and working on related research projects.

Here are some links:

my Pdf10.png dissertation.
a collaborative effort to develop R code for reading and plotting results of the Stock Synthesis model (which is written in AD_Model_Builder), at this site I set up in October 2008:

More stuff

June 5, 2009 Quantitative Seminar

Probshade example.png

Here is the Ppt_windowslogo.jpg Powerpoint file from my June 5, 2009 Quantitative Seminar.

Someone asked about the shading in some of the plots of depletion and spawning biomass timeseries. This was done using the relatively simple probshade function I wrote, which is available in Rlogo.jpg Probshade.R. There is also a grey only version in that file that doesn't depend on alpha transparency (see R/Colors for more info on transparency).

Example use might be

ymat = matrix(rnorm(50000),50,1000)-1:50/30

which produced the plot at right.

LaTeX from 2008 defense

Here is the LaTeX for my dissertation defense talk LaTeX_logo_20px_high.png IanTaylorDefenseTalk cleanedup.tex

I couldn't upload the PDF of the talk to this wiki (presumably because it's too big), so I posted it here.

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