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Wassup? My name is Tommy Garrison and this is my first year in the QERM program. I'm all about concepts, who cares about details? These days, I can be found in the basement where Aditya and I do our heavy mental weight lifting. When not procrastinating for preparing myself for qualifying exams, I'm getting barreled and hanging out with hot babes. Any questions?

I made my first mil surfing on Long Island:


Here's some pictures ( from the Middle Snoqualmie Fork, a day after the stat theory exam and day before the applied exam. Some of the best times of my life?! Is that what trees look like? Almost forgot!

It was Dawn's birthday this summer! Twenty something I think, but for sure legal. Man that was a good time. Parents if you're with your kids, caution. There are some pictures of Eli in his skivvies! (dawn
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