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Notes from emails to QERMgrads list about creating student websites

Please feel free to redo this page into a better format.

Joanne Besch (9/14/2005)

QERM STUDENT WEB SITES: Just a reminder that we would like every QERM student to have a web page that we can link up to from the QERM web site. **Please, please, please** help me with this (don't make me beg!). If you do not currently have a web site please take a few hours before the start of the academic year to set one up. You can set up a page through your UW account. It doesn't have to be fancy (although fancy is o.k. too) -- just a brief description of your current research interests, why you chose the QERM program, etc. This information provides applicants with a greater understanding of what the program is all about. You can take a look at the current QERM student web sites at:

Also, if you currently have a web site please take a few minutes to update the site.

N. Bert Loosmore (5/1/2003) in response to some email from Ian Taylor that's been lost to the sands of time

Hi all. A couple of random thoughts on webpages:

- I think the best 'free' tool is notepad. Writing code in HTML is really, really easy, even to do some fancy stuff. I have a copy of 'Web Design in a Nutshell' in my office (I guess I could put it into the library up here) in Loew if anyone wants to borrow it. Also, there are numerous sources to help with writing HTML on the web.

- Based on your comments, Ian, it seems we want to 'sell' the QERM program through our webpages. Maybe include why we chose QERM, what we like about it, etc.

Ian Taylor (9/14/2005)

I use the free Crimson Editor rather than notepad because it colors the code to make it easier to spot mistakes. UW has a great page on Creating and Publishing Web Pages that includes instructions on how to get your files on Dante, links to HTML tutorials, and everything that anyone could possibly need to make a webpage.

If anyone has any problems creating a website, I'm happy to help, as would (I'm sure) any other QERM student with a webpage.

Chris Gast (8/13/2010)

I just grabbed a free template from these folks: and edited the HTML by hand--nothing too fancy.

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