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Website creation options

By hand

Edit HTML in your favorite editor (Crimson Editor, TextWrangler, Emacs, VI, etc.).

Get a template to start with:

Free options

  • Google Sites as part of UW's new Google Apps provides an easy way to create a site online and provides templates.
  • If you have a Mac, Apple's included iWeb also allows simple site creation with provided templates. Publish to a folder, then copy the results to Dante.


  • Web Publishing Workshops includes UW-specific info on how to turn on your site and links to tools for uploading the pages
  • Creating and Publishing Web Sites includes instructions on how to get your files on Dante, links to HTML tutorials, and everything that anyone could possibly need to make a webpage

QERM Student Websites

See examples of current QERM student web sites.

What to include? A brief description of your current research interests, why you chose the QERM program, what you like about it.

Many have offered help, so if you get stuck, just ask anyone with a webpage.

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